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About Us

VTMScan is a product ESDS Software Solution Limited developed to safeguard businesses' online presence proactively. At ESDS, we know how a robust and proactive defense against every evolving and dangerous cyberattack is crucial in today's digitally overwhelming world. ESDS Software Solution Limited has been amongst India's leading cloud service and end-to-end multi-cloud requirements providers for the past 19 years. ESDS has a presence across the APAC region, Europe, the Middle East, America, and Africa. ESDS offers cloud computing, managed services, and managed security services. ESDS caters to various industries such as government ministries, BFSI, manufacturing, IT and ITES, telecom, real estate, pharmaceuticals, retail, and education. ESDS is the market leader in hosting government cloud applications and has the most significant number of banking customers in India.

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