How VTMScan Secures Organizations
From Potential Cyber Threats?


SIDBI Says Goodbye to Security Threat with VTMScan

A financial institute of the government of India responsible for promoting, financing, and nurturing Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), SIDBI, embarked on a digital journey that started with a website. Being a critical banking organization, securing sensitive customer data, financial information, and digital assets was the utmost priority of SIDBI.

Shielding India's Largest Banking Titan: A Web Security Success with VTMScan

The biggest public sector banks in India strengthened its online fortress. The bank was increasingly concerned about cybersecurity due to its large online presence and more than 120 million customers. Recognizing the need for proactive vulnerability assessment and mitigation, the bank, which boasts a substantial online presence, faced the challenge of securing its expansive digital footprint.

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